Affordability is easy (if we try)



My Comments on Seattle’s Draft Comp Plan (“Seattle 2035”)

Council Member Johnson,

I am encouraged that Seattle’s 2035 Draft Comprehensive plan states an aspiration to be an “equitable” city. Job and wage growth in our city presents the mayor, council, and community with a rare opportunity to make progress toward this goal.

To this end, I hope you, members of the Planning and Land Use Committee, and the full Council will take into consideration the following input aimed at ensuring the plan sets the stage for a policy regime that makes the most of it.

  1. Evaluate whether the City’s “30% AMI” housing cost benchmark is fit for purpose to best foster equitable policy.

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Toward an Equitable Seattle and a Better Conversation #1

I am glad that the notion of becoming an “equitable” city is front-and-center in Seattle’s 2035 plan.

But I am frustrated that the conversation we are having today is stuck on “managing growth.”

That’s because I don’t think either a city’s size population or what its buildings look like is what defines “equitable.”

To me, an equitable place is one where everyone can get ahead…

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