Sharing prosperity is good for people and character

“Growth is a cancer” is a verbatim comment from one Seattle resident opposed to change.

But a better way to think about

  • more people
  • with better jobs
  • being able to live near each other

is “prosperity.”

YIMBYs want to share prosperity.

Here’s a roundup of local news making the point that shared  prosperity is good for people and character:

“Filson Reaches Ballard.” Filson’s new Ballard location on Ballard Avenue at the intersection of NW Dock Street is a historic building that served most recently as a chandlery. Knute Berger reports on the iconic Northwest brand opening a bespoke Ballard-themed store in that neighborhood for Seattle Magazine (

“Top 20  New Cheap Eats 2016” As reported by the Seattle Times (  Approximately 100% of these businesses are either in space vacated by a previous business or in a new space most likely built by a “developer.”

And here’s an awesome one-pager from Seattle Magazine laying out under whose tutelage a whole bunch of Seattle chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs got their start. These are all people who are “making it” here thanks to more people with better jobs being able to live together. Not yet online (will update with link if it is). It’s Kitchen Confidential: Line Cooks in the December 2016 print issue. Go pick up a copy to support cool reporting like this.

From Seattle Magazine December 2016

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